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Based on Chinese government's idea of "recycle economy" and using the byproduct sulfuric acid from Zijin Copper Industry and local fluorite resources, Fujian Longfu Chemical Co., Ltd. was founded as a Fluorochemical factory in Shanghang County Jiaoyang industrial park, with the production lines of 35,000 T/A of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride and villiaumite.

Longfu is located in the joint place among Fujian, Guangdong and Jiangxi province, where is an important traffic hub and material distribution place for the western region of Fujian, the eastern region of Guangdong and southern region of Jiangxi province. As the nearest fluorine chemical manufacturer in Fujian province to harbor, Longfu enjoys good location for we are situated in Shanghang County Jiaoyang township industrial park.

Now, our company has a registered capital of CNY 80 million and a total investment of CNY 210 million. Since its establishment in 2007, with the care and support of government departments at all levels, our company has achieved good gains in terms of production management, market development, and economic benefits. Our existing production capacities are: 35,000 t/a of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride; industrial hydrofluoric acid: 15,000 t/a; 5,000 t/a of ammonium hydrogen fluoride; 3,000 t/a of ammonium fluoride. We sold CNY 421 million of products in 2018 and our total assets reached CNY 210 million. Now, we are working on the preparation of a third production line. After the completion of this third line, the capacity of anhydrous hydrogen fluoride will reach 50,000 to 60,000 tons, and the output value will exceed CNY 500 million.

Now, our company has 132 employees, including 30 managers and 35 professional technicians in fluoride industry, thus we have good ability to develop new products; up to now, our company has obtained more than 20 patent authorizations and a number of honorary titles, including Longyan City-level Enterprise Technology Center, Longyan City Circular Economy Demonstration Enterprise, Longyan City Demonstration Enterprise for the integration of informatization and industrialization, Longyan Contract-abiding and Trustworthy enterprise, Famous Trademark in Fujian, Fujian technology enterprise, Fujian Leading enterprise of small tech giants, national high-tech enterprise and others.

Our company is an enterprise with enormous energy consumption in Longyan City. We now are equipped with two 2600KVA and 2500KVA transformers, with an annual power consumption of more than 17 million kWh and more than 10,000 tons of coal. Thus our energy costs make up nearly 10% of total production costs. Since 2012, our company has invested more than CNY 10 million to optimize the energy system by using new processes, new technologies and new equipment to transform some sections. The main construction contents include: Recycling the waste heat of the reaction converter, phasing out the existing inefficient coal-fired heating boiler, transforming the slag returning in the reaction converter; transforming the frequency conversion of the motor; compensation for high and low voltage capacitors; reforming the water recycling system, especially A two-stage high-efficiency gas furnace was completed in July 2017 and put into operation: it realizes the "one-for-two" gas supplies of two reaction converters. Comprehensive utilization of energy in the production process is further realized through technological transformation. At present, annual energy-saving standard coal is 2,937 tons. We have obtained good economic and social benefits by now.

Since the establishment of the company, our company has adhered to the principles of "safety first, prevention first, clean production, and comprehensive management", and strictly followed the requirements of national laws and regulations. The whole construction process of our company is all in accordance with the "three-simultaneous" requirements of construction projects, and our daily management is strictly in accordance with the requirements of this system. Up to now, our company has successfully certificated to ISO (Three Systems of Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety) and Energy Management System, as well as passed the authentication of Integrated Management System of Informatization and Industrialization, and the Certification and Audit Acceptance of Safety Standardization and Cleaner Production.

As a I/E licensed enterprise, we now mainly produce "Longfu" anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, industrial hydrofluoric acid, ammonium bifluoride and ammonium fluoride, etc.

Taking science and technology innovation as the basis, our company strives to strengthen information construction to develop the integration model of Informatization and Industrialization; sticking to such pragmatic spirit of seeking development through innovative ideas, we seize the broad market prospects, meet market demand, survive on product quality, and provide quality services and excellent products for customers; we aim to be a leader in the fluorochemical industry. With talents, technology and resources as pioneers, we will strive to open up new fields of fluorochemical industry; we will keep pace with the world with the concepts of integrity, pragmatism and innovation.

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